Item Details Title: Urban Footprint 1974 Abstract / data description: A broad representation of the land consumed by urban growth in 1974. This footprint represents all types of growth including residential, commercial, industrial and roadways. Contact organization (primary): Capital Region Board #1100, 10104 – 103 Ave NW T5J 0H8 Edmonton, AB Originator / data owner:  Brandt Denham, B.Sc, GISP GIS Coordinator (780) 638-6000 Data set credit:  Capital Region Board, AltaLIS, City of Edmonton Time period of content:  1974 Spatial reference information:  WGS_1984_Web_Mercator_Auxiliary_Sphere Maintenance / update frequency: As necessary Source Information: Land parcels for the region we’re obtained from AltaLIS and the City of Edmonton. Subdivision dates we’re assigned to each individual parcel and a 50m buffer was applied to account for roadway allowances and to protect the boundaries of the original data.

Dataset Attributes

  • Area_ha
    38916.52 to 38916.52


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